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Renew your trust in the LORD and His Word.

The Bible and its promises are as relevant today as when they were originally written.  The Scriptures are alive and active... bringing forth life and building faith in all those who hear and believe. 




Our Mission:
To demonstrate the love of Jesus through ministry to 
the sick, hurting, dying,
and forsaken.

Ministry Through Scriptures

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* Your personal and online privacy is important to us!

Prayer requests are kept confidential.  Full names are never shared without permission.  LIkewise, CMKC does NOT share your private 

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The Power of          Prayer



Ministry Through Music 

Music is a great way not only to praise and worship God but also to express feelings in a way that words alone cannot.   It's a universal language that transcends dialect alone - often engaging body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Many times when we are visiting in home, hospice, or hospital settings, our ministry team is requested to provide music.  It is a soothing balm to weary and wounded souls and often an encouragement and beacon of hope during life's darkest hours.  Many of the greatest hymns of all time were composed during real-life trials that the composers were facing!    We provide a varied genre of music from classical to hymns - even modern contemporary worship.  We've also been known to take requests.





We value



From conception until final breath,

your days are in His hands!

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